Reviews for "PICONJOs Epic Adventures"


clever rip but it could have been carried out with some more... um... skill.



ugh.... movie suxs

*falls over and has a seizure*

Purely Idiotic.


Well it wasn't terrible

At least your movies are cleaning up in terms of what you animate. I guess this was just some random stuff you just wanted to put out. I'd say you're on the path to altering the way the NG community looks at you...

You keep amazing me :)

And on top of that, you used Dutch in your movie :) ("hidden" movie on Piconz0rz head :P)

Butz0rz, D0sz DiZ m€€n We wiLL HVeA Ono moEr R@dnY adventuRez?

Hypocritism, your borther in arms (and legs, and heart body and soul, and more crap like that)

PS. I <3 j00!

PS2. Yeah, it's a sucky console

PS3. Will be released, but WILL flop

PS4. I'm tired of writing PS

SP5. No more PS :P