Reviews for "PICONJOs Epic Adventures"

how didn't this get blammed?

wuts wrong with newgrounds? movies like this shouldn't be around, there was no effort put into this movie! get ur act together and don't submit trash like this

Why Did I Even Waste My Time On This???

Dude, I don't know what your deal is, but please, for the love of all things good stop making flash. Either that, or learn how to use it properly. This crap is an abomination of flash.

This isnt really good

Stop submitting crap plz

Nice joke!

This is a bad movie. Thats the joke! It so bad its funny! I mean, i am no laughting with teh autohr, i am laughting OF THE AUTHOR
lol =P

dude try harder

if this really took you more than 6 months to make, then you should quit flash NOW. this was not that great. if this was how to draw Alien Homminid or something cool like that, thats cool but this plain out sucked monkey balls. the music was clean though. work faster next time! lol.