Reviews for "PICONJOs Epic Adventures"


And utter cra, um trash.

all i have to say is .....WOW

WOW do u guys hate piconjo lol....that was pretty good...especially the drwin when it was step 2 1/2 lol hahahahaha


all you people hating on our piconjo and sayin that it didnt take him 69 months are hatres of teh world. 69. ahahaha. 0opolololbbqwtfhahalolo i r teh <3 j00 mah luvre teh pic0njo

how can one not love the Piconjo? <3

10s all around my good gentlefolk.

But...I swear I've seen that how to draw piconjo movie before. In one of the Jams methinks. Am I daft or true in thinking?

what happened to all the good ones u started makin

Man when your movies don't suck its alot easier to make whatever commentary on the newgrounds Community your trying to make. Your last few movies were animation wise very well accomplished regardless of how stupid they are even if people thought they were pointless they had to recongize your talent.. if your gonna make sucky flashes with no plot you can atleast make sucky flashes that don't make my eyes bleed