Reviews for "FAUX: waiting"

wow...this is just amazing.

I can find no flaw with this at all. The lighting is one of the strongest aspects of this piece, its very well done and sets a unique atmosphere. A very beautiful still.

This is a phenomenal piece of art on every level. It deserves every one of my 5 stars without hesitation.

Thematically, it encapsulates a moment in time so precisely that there is no question of the meaning, yet leaves so much room for filling in the details that the viewer cannot help but tell a story in their mind of what could have lead to this moment, and what could come after.

Composition-wise, it covers the important parts of the concept and leaves room for the imagination in the rest. Not knowing anything about the rest of your work, I can see a clearly defined style at work, that is practiced, nuanced, and quite refined. The high-tech architecture, combined with the almost classical looking clothing evokes a distinct science fiction feel, and the forced perspective on the main subject, dramatic lighting and indistinct figure in the background give a fantastic sense of motion to the piece - of capturing a single moment in a much larger story that, while purportedly describing a moment of stillness, still gives the sense of tension that makes waiting so hard sometimes. The off center subject also speaks to the off-putting nature of waiting, and the natural desire to concentrate on something else. The color scheme is mostly drab, except for the color of the subject, and the contrast there reinforces the disconnection that waiting for something can cause, and despite the contrast in saturation, the colors do not clash, and moreover look quite natural given the lighting for the scene. Everything about the scene meshes perfectly together, even causing the viewer to not question the juxtaposition of an animation-style character in an almost realistically clean CG-looking environment, and the ephemeral smoke effects next to the precise strokes of the subject's figure. And speaking of the figure, the pose, facial expression, and staging are all completely on point, summing up what it is to wait, in the fullness of the human experience. In short, you have the emotional component down pat, and you deliver it flawlessly.

I certainly look forward to checking out more of your work, and I heartily appreciate the work I see before me now. Bravo, sir.

i would be an ass not to rate five.The blurry effects and the panoramic view make this epic!!! XD

I...I...This is the weirdest feeling ever, when I saw this picture I had a freaking dejavu..yes, I know it's only a drawing, but still happened. 5 stars for the crazy whateverthehellthatwas thing. Great job, keep it up