Reviews for "FAUX: waiting"

I can find no flaw with this at all. The lighting is one of the strongest aspects of this piece, its very well done and sets a unique atmosphere. A very beautiful still.

This is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't find one fault in it. In fact, I signed up to this site just to leave this comment. If you animate, I would love to see any of your films. The realism you capture is astounding. Even the glare reflecting back at the camera is flawless. If you ever need a voice actor please let me know! I will gladly lend any talent I have.
(Only reason I give 4.5 is because there's always room for improvement... although I don't see much in this one)


I love how the foreground and background have been blurred out. It not only highlights her but makes everything else apart from her appear to unimportant, like you shouldn't give it a second thought. It's just there because it is.

She, however, has a purpose, and that is to wait. For whom? Or what?

Great work, love it.

Facial expression is perfect, really gives off the impression she is/has/going to wait for a long time and she knows it and perhaps feel slightly sad/apprehensive about that.

reminds me of a girl on emotional steroids living in a steam punk'd nirvana!
i like the soft lighting that gave a nice texture and glow on the center (is it me? or i'm just high as nuts?)
anyway, keep it up.
would like to see more.

the emotion is VERY clear in this and the lighting is nice.

makes me want to know more about this story