Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Love it

Reminds me so much of Animal Crossing.

hjcrbass responds:

Really?! This is a new one. I have never played a Animal Crossing before so I don't know much about the game's soundtrack, but it's cool that it reminds you of such a cool franchise.
Thanks for the comment GenaralSkar.


Heh, I really like this loop. It's so simple, and yet so... Amazing...
Congratz, dude, this made me smile :D

hjcrbass responds:

Awesome!! I love it when I make someone smile.
Thanks for writing Deathrandom.


This song made me feel laid back and relaxed 5/5 10/10 keep up the good work

hjcrbass responds:

Hey Thanatosthunder,
it's great that you feel laid back when you hear this loop 'cause that was my intention.
Thanks for the review.

This song is Boss!

No matter how many times I listen to this, I never get tired of it.

hjcrbass responds:

Hi Gedab,
thanks for the review. I'm glad you like the loop so much you don't get tired of it at all. I think it's pretty cool. XD
PS - Going to get new equipment soon, and then some new stuff for newgrounds... hopefully soon... but don't hold your breath. LOL


It is VEEEERY good jazz, I would like hear this on the tallest building of the world lol. I'm going to download 'cause it's good, but can you make it biggest?

hjcrbass responds:

Yo Freezeheart,
I already promised that I will make a longer version of this loop, but not yet. I'm in the process of getting new equipment and music software. Maybe then I can make a longer version. Glad you like it.