Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Oh my god!

This is an amazing composition, hjcrbass!!

I have used it in an elevator scene for a small personal 3D Game Development project - It fits perfectly! I can't stop listening to it. The "owl" sounds are a beautiful touch and are really a subtle compliment to the jazzy feel!

I wish you would make an extended version, so i could listen to this on my iPod and enjoy your music. :)

I look forward to your future audio submittions~


Sounds like a gay time bomb, no offense, it's still a 10.

Nice chilling music

Sounds to me very Copacobana :P I like!

really cool and relaxing ;)

i whould like this song in my Ipod :) really it can really relax :)


This has been looping for a few hours now, and I must say it greatly enhances my internet browsing experience, without being distracting. 5/5 and downloaded.