Reviews for "bossa nova loop"


Favorited. ;)

hjcrbass responds:

THANKS!! Glad you like it!!!! :)


short and sweet.

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks!!! Short & sweet was definitely my intention.

So nice

Beautiful and smooth.

Though I'd consider putting in say...
An ocarina solo?

Not that it'd be a LOT better.

But hey,
variety doesn't hurt.

hjcrbass responds:

Hey!!! Thanks for the comment!! I think that's a great idea!! I wont post a new version, but I will definitely make a practice run with a solo!! ;D


I just love it!!!!!!!!!!

hjcrbass responds:



great melody going, shaker helped it, and the monkey noise (insturment name which i am forgetting here) was nicely porportional to the rest of the song, loud enough to make it nice and bossa....y, but not goofily loud.

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks for the review Bob!!!!!!

It's nice to know that the loop comes out well balance. I think an issue of balance makes or breaks a song and/or loop.