Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

i loved this song but i listened it on a youtube video about league of legends and the maker of the video never cited you in the credits xD (sorry for my bad english) this is the video

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks for contacting me about it. It's sad that there are people who incorporates other's material in their videos and not give credit were credit is due. I'm not mad about this particular case 'cause if you read in the comments of the video, people asked for info. on the song and some good samaritan put up a link to the song in newground, so it sort of worked out for me for this particular incident.
Thanks for taking your time to do the right thing.
Take care alucard1574!!!

This is so chill man, keep up the great work :D

Very nice elevator music! I swear, one day, I will use this!

hjcrbass responds:

Please do! Remember to cite me. Give credit were credit is due, right?!? :)

I'm so glad they converted the audio portal to an IOS compatible system. Now I can listen on my IPod. Good music.

Can i use it in my game?