Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Elevator Music

But I would like to live in that elevator

hjcrbass responds:

Haha! That's kind of a drastic change... to live in an elevator. I don't know...
Anyways, glad you liked the loop. ^_^

Nice and calming

Excellent when it's raining and you have nothing else to do. Nice Music.

hjcrbass responds:

Hey varitech,
glad you like it and that you found a great moment to enjoy it.

Fab :D

Really loved the rythm and especially the E. Piano sound >.< If only you could have it recorded by a live band haha Would sound perfect.

I think you linked the end to the beggining very well - I must be on the 6th loop of it and i'm still not bored :P The only thing i'm not too sure about is the egg shaker sound - it sounds too stiff to my ears :\

All in all, looking forward to more :D

hjcrbass responds:

WOW!! Thanks for the detailed review!
I guess I'm gonna agree with you. I love the E. Piano sound, but the shaker sound could have used some smoothing out. Still, for it to sound clear it has to be on the dry side (meaning no reverb).


this is perfect elevator music! mind if i use this in a flash?

hjcrbass responds:

Yes! Elevator music!!! XD
Hey Goellath, of course you can use this loop in your flash... as long as you give credit were credit is due there shouldn't be any problems.
Thanks for the review!!!

Bossa Nova Loop is a great song!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Bossa Nova Loop is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you could to where I live(Austin, Texas: live music capital of the world and perform a concert!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be able to manage it completly!!! Thankyou for spending your valuble time reading this and thankyou for giving me great pleasure -- hoss247, 11 years old, Austin, Texas

hjcrbass responds:

Hi hoss247,
WOW!! Thanks for really COOL review. I'm glad you like the loop so much, but unfortunately I can't travel to Austin, even if it sound really AWESOME. Thanks for the invite. I will keep it in mind.