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Reviews for "Galaxy Angel sim date RPG"

Best one Yet

Klacid, I am still very impressed with your work. You too, TENT.


This game is sweet!!!!!!The girls are hot and hilarious!

Oh, and i Love the credits!

yahama8897 your an idiot

what games? those kiddy ones compaired to this?!? this game roxs i've played more or less all of the games by forkhead on this site and they are all great the secrets are hard to find and that code to help that guy on ancient planet cant find it (rambling again) anyway keep up the work.


11 out of 10 this is more then awesome its boss!Pretty cool ,but lacks a few minor details.still freaking boss.

This game is Da Bomb

This is an awsome game it is a really fun game I think alot of people like it if you havent tried you should well I've got to go Peace Out!!!!!!!!!