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Reviews for "Galaxy Angel sim date RPG"

there are the cheats:

Clone character=pointlessjackall

Girls become white rectangles=klacidmadegraphix

Randpha character 0 stats=randphroxmyjox

20 of all items=igotabagofhair

Sexy Randpha=ieatsand

Sexy Milfeulle=locknload

Sexy Forte=eatrocksand

Sexy Mint=ihateporn

Sexy Vanilla=burntsugar

Pick characters names=namethebitch

start with $25,000=thegreenback

Girls harder to fight; or play as clone of Mint=ihateyourmum

All fighting techniques=slapmybitchup

Travel to EVA 4=enableeva4

All status 100 and 1000 HP=ihavetehshit

Codes for all items in storage =misccheater

Love Hina Returne mode1=hinagirlsreturn

View credits=fuckthecredits

how long does it take!!??

Super hot girls, fun battle scenes, pretty funny dialogue, but full of bugs. *On easy mode, unlimited time* "Give me 8 guns and I'll tell the captain you can stay" *gets 8 guns, tries to give them to her* "Take me on a date" *tries to take her on a date* "You don't have enough time for this date*

As with many games on this site like this, if you get 0.5 relationship more than needed, you can't progress with that character. Other than that annoying glitch, really good

They where so easy when you know what they like and when you use cheats to get them shit!!!!!