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Reviews for "Galaxy Angel sim date RPG"

Love the game! Where can I find the game for download/offline play?

I think, there is people like me, who miss that amazing time when all these games were coming out. I remember caching swf locally and playing offline, because I was limited with GPRS internet in my temporary apartment back then (that is why we invented preloaders, lol). I was coming home from work and playing these games (sometimes to the late night), "LOVE HINA sim", "Galaxy Angel sim", "SIM Girsl", etc. The fact they were based on anime or manga I liked was adding warm to those moments.

These games filled with pure fun, lewd stuff and interesting challenges, were making my day complete. I played most of them several times. Not sure, but I think I started to learn AS back then because I wanted to make something like that myself (even bought a couple of MX books), but ended up as a flash developer as a job (lol). I honestly miss that, because it was simple, lewd and good. I hope someday there will be something that good on NG again, something like a flashback to old trends or just an awesome tribute made with good old flash.

Anyways, thank you for those days (and nights), Klacid and TENT.

P.S. And, yeah, I know there is a lot of new "A" games on NG, but most of them not giving "dat feel", just fun (sometimes a bit of horniness) from time to time.

Interesting game

So this was kind of a nifty "GAME" the "GRAPHICS" are very sharp looking and I like the music you had in this it was a nice touch indeed, some really good choices of clicking here and there a fun game indeed, Couldnt figure out the save option that should be made easier, anyways good game.

Couldnt figure out the save option that should be made easier


grate game just need a way to save progress restarting every time is a pain

So those looking for cheats . ill post them here on page 1 Clone character=pointlessjackall
Girls become white rectangles=klacidmadegraphix
Randpha character 0 stats=randphroxmyjox
20 of all items=igotabagofhair
Sexy Randpha=ieatsand
Sexy Milfeulle=locknload
Sexy Forte=eatrocksand
Sexy Mint=ihateporn
Sexy Vanilla=burntsugar
Pick characters names=namethebitch
start with $25,000=thegreenback
Girls harder to fight; or play as clone of Mint=ihateyourmum
All fighting techniques=slapmybitchup
Travel to EVA 4=enableeva4
All status 100 and 1000 HP=ihavetehshit
Codes for all items in storage =misccheater
Love Hina Returne mode1=hinagirlsreturn
View credits=fuckthecredits
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