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Reviews for "Willrock-Sonic - Green Chills"


AWESOME! I dare anybody to go and find a better Green Hill Remix! Go ahead! But you won't succeed!


Best song I've heard in a good while. Normally I'd comment on my favorite part or point out something you could improve on, but there's nothing to improve, and I love the whole thing!

Best Green Hill Remix

This is the best green hill remix I have ever heard. The intro is almost godly with an amazing intro that starts with the sonic 3 invincibility song, and then goes into the main song in a great snare line that leads to the original melody. What seems to be the original song is really much more, with a better baseline and drums in the background. (and a kickass solo) The depth to this is amazing and this is really underated, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Great job man, being a music fan, and sonic fan this is like heaven for me! Props on the stellar song.

Cool stuff :P

The first remix I heard from you on OCremix I think, and I had a feeling you would be on a roll from then. XD

Willrock07 responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review, cool to see you on newgrounds :D

yeah a classic

good remake. Brings back memories.