Reviews for "The Core"

kick ass

dude i loved it very fun and nice to play it was great...

NeverStrikesTwice responds:


sweet, bit harsh tho.

i love the game, and the concept, but dont you think its a bit harsh having one hit and you die? i mean i think its fine but maybe you should add like a difficulty setting? still 4/5 tho!

good shit!!!

i hope to see other flash entries from u man!!!

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

you will, i promise

Darn good!

Great job! You have an interesting concept, music that sounds good and fits the game, and graphics that look great and are effective to gameplay. I can't shake the feeling that there is so much more you could do with this... Try adding in powerups, or mission goals, like collecting different colored cores and getting a certain color combination or something. Put something interesting and new into the game to bring it to the next level. If you put some more effort into this in another version, guarenteed you'll see a blue bar around it instead of a green one.

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

i was thinking the exact same for a "The Core 2." there will be lots of new stuff, you gave me some new ideas though, i never thought of the combos thing, thats a great idea!


A very good game. Im sure this was said before, but the scorebord in the middle is a bad idea. I would just get rid of it and display the stats at the end. The red in the scores and the red in the cores were hard to tell apart (lol, in both color and name, lol). Beond that, good game.