Reviews for "The Core"

A delicious time waster!

Man. This is sweet! My only suggestions would be to take a small amount of the "play" out of the movement, and perhaps make the player icon a teensy bit bigger. :)

See you on the front page!

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

Thanks man... ive allready wasted much of my time playing it, my higest score is 2023 and higest lvl. is 52


when the game starts you hear the music of the sims
but anyways, i agree, one hit and die, is actually to fast
but maybe part 2 or 3 is better, keep up the god work!

not bad

pretty fun and definately took talent to make

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

it definatly did! thanks


fantastic! good game! (even though i suck at it)

sweet, bit harsh tho.

i love the game, and the concept, but dont you think its a bit harsh having one hit and you die? i mean i think its fine but maybe you should add like a difficulty setting? still 4/5 tho!