Reviews for "The Core"


when the game starts you hear the music of the sims
but anyways, i agree, one hit and die, is actually to fast
but maybe part 2 or 3 is better, keep up the god work!

sweet, bit harsh tho.

i love the game, and the concept, but dont you think its a bit harsh having one hit and you die? i mean i think its fine but maybe you should add like a difficulty setting? still 4/5 tho!


fantastic! good game! (even though i suck at it)


IT was nice, but the score board all over the screeen... that is not good idea. And also slow reaction and slow slowing.
Rest was good, nice music, AWESOME GRAPHICS!!!

GOod Good

Nice game u've got here~~~~ BUt The music is not very good...not enough to make us player enjoy the game much....the score board in the milddle is kind of useless though...u should put it in small in the top screen... Good job