Reviews for "The Core"

Darn good!

Great job! You have an interesting concept, music that sounds good and fits the game, and graphics that look great and are effective to gameplay. I can't shake the feeling that there is so much more you could do with this... Try adding in powerups, or mission goals, like collecting different colored cores and getting a certain color combination or something. Put something interesting and new into the game to bring it to the next level. If you put some more effort into this in another version, guarenteed you'll see a blue bar around it instead of a green one.

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

i was thinking the exact same for a "The Core 2." there will be lots of new stuff, you gave me some new ideas though, i never thought of the combos thing, thats a great idea!

Great old school game!

Great old-school game in the tradition of Centipede and Galaga. Very Acti-Vision. You have my props.

A delicious time waster!

Man. This is sweet! My only suggestions would be to take a small amount of the "play" out of the movement, and perhaps make the player icon a teensy bit bigger. :)

See you on the front page!

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

Thanks man... ive allready wasted much of my time playing it, my higest score is 2023 and higest lvl. is 52

pretty cool

great job. created a great game, it looks good, its challenging, but still remains fun. way to go

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

Thanks, i was worried about the fun factor

not bad

pretty fun and definately took talent to make

NeverStrikesTwice responds:

it definatly did! thanks