Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"

LOL!!! Big guy killing frogs...

This is like the wierdest shit ever. I mean, i thought i knew this piconjo animator sucked. I mean, a couple of days ago, this guy submitted shit worth shitting on.

Now I am convinced. I dont know why you are psychologically impaired. But you are a psychologically impaired person with good flash skills.

Really liked the irony and joke on everything on that movie, but u know, when it got too much, it became boring and...seriously....stupid.

Anyways, ok work, and make more blockbuster flash movie...

WM [:{}]

I dont see why people think this "utterly SUX!"

I thought this movie was really good! It was animated well, had a funny storyline (I love how he picks on Legendary Frog :D) and had great music! I used to really hate Piconjo's work, but once I found out he could animate really good, then I started to like his work...

never thought i would ever say this...

ever...but..piconjo made something that doesn't royally suck...:P...funny taste in my mouth

This should have been Daily First

Shame about the shitty mario movie getting it.


Well done to you heroes of NG.

I think you have the potential...

It's a shame that you have such a huge ego, aswell as a shit sense of humour.