Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"


Some ppl just can't take a damn joke.Honestly they get afended even when the fulps sit at there house laughing at these movies.if there were offended that you made fun of them would this movei be on the front page?would it even be hear?would you still be here?probobly not.god, people just don't understand.you insult people they don't even know and they SPAZ like its there problem.At least the Fulps have a goddamn sense of humor.

Lewdness wont help ya.

Dude seems like a jealous dank jerk off to me. Attacking other peoples work wont get them to accept you as an equal around here.

Superbly done.

The music and voice acting all flowed well with the movie and it was very well presented. You may have your haters but theres no doubt that you can do some damn good flash. Your mind may be warped but whats the point of being entirely sane anyway?

Piconjo REALLY pwn j00!!11

Woah,thats the best part of allz,you did a greatjob with this one =D
I hope you'll continu it..w/e..GOOD JOB!!!

what? piconjo did this??!?

GREAT, GREAT animation. i'm not agree with the idea, but the ANIMATION was goood. the action scenes were great. i see that when you propose it, you do a great work. very great work.