Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"

fucking wadolf

What did he do to you and livecorpse?

To me he has released intelligence pointing at me being the largest blammed user on NG, He has threaten to ban me because I spoke my opinion about NG's voting system, scoffed at a popular idea i had for the portal because he hates me, locked the 2nd biggest topic effectively killing hooks crew, outlawed spam, ruined my life, allowed tanner to continue being a mod, supported blam club, gave high ranking blam club members bigger right on NG (review mods, bbs mods, etc), and MORE!

Best anti-wade movie ever.

nice work....

u forgot the usual giant pen0rs tho


You obviously have good skills as a flash artist yet u waste them making bullshit about other flash artists. I dont see the point.

Dude you rule

Indeed. :D

it was pretty good but the animation needs work

it was okay but the animation at some parts looked really good and some looked like crap... i did think it was funny when it got all realistic and stuff but i do think that some of the crap on NG should get baned because its dumb, $#!%%!@ and pointless all their doing is taking up space, and some times i just want to punch them right in the stomach because some of those dudes think they are funny but their not... how do so many people get flash