Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"


Ist zwar falsches Deutsch, aber egal. OK, i write in English. This is a nice flash! Well done!

he seems a little bit good

with the germen guy piconjo seems like the good guy

*claps* all hail piconjo!!!!!

all hail piconjo!!!!!


Dude, this is awesome. That's it, just, awesome.

By the way, Can any 1 (including artists) tell me what the name of the rammstein song was?

Fuckin oath

ok megafan im gonna answer ur ques.

the reason hes killin evil is cuz every1 wants him to be a hero since alot of ppl think hes just an evil dumbass rip off of pico but if ur not a piconjo believer out there then piconjo forgives u cuz thats just how he is... unless u think hes the description i gave above then he FUCKING HATES U AND PICONJO O|PWNS ALL U HATAS OUT DER... i just wish picono hadnt...passed on WE <3 U PICONJO!!!