Reviews for "PICONJO: Besitzen Sie"

Not the best

No offence, but it kinda sucked. You made the voice overs like a japanese film. Blah blah blah blah, and then after his mouth closes, the german or whatever speech comes out. He just opens and closes his mouth and words just pop out. Same with the hero dude. Other than that, i luved the part where the guy grew his arms back, very nice graphics right there.

Best Piconjo Movie Ever

This is how they shold be done, please make more seckah movies.

I <3 U!

I <3 jOO piconjo, U ROXORS!

wow, that was really good

i like how it was random, with the animation style and charecter designs frequently changing, it was also very funny with the german, and the translations.

Overall, awsome and original, great job.

And great ending


Dude man, I love your stuff, how sarcastic you are about Legendary Frog. But now your actually acting as if you are the most talented guy on Newgrounds. But still, the graphics are like extremely well but man it isn't your still! Good amount of gore, but Pixar and Square Enix combining would never happen, why? Because Pixar has other things to do before making a video with the shittiest developer company ever. Fucking japs with their "turn-based" bullshit. Cough.