Reviews for "3DA Assasination"

Oh my god, I feel this souldn't get blammed.

SOUND:Very Bad
HUMOR:(Was not judged)



MOVIE:Very Bad

COMMENTS: But it's crap none the less. Try harder next time for all our sakes.

Xerferic responds:


A bit pointless.

I appreciate this maybe took you a while, but it really isn't up to scratch imo.

I mean, it's far too short, there's no story, joke, or point of interest to speak of (man walks out house, about to get into car, shot dead... that's all obvious from the first 2 scenes, so I was obviously hoping there'd be some attempt to surprise...)

The song is way too long, going on long after the titles and credits have finished, adding unecessarily to the filesize.

The graphics, though 3d, therefore maybe impressing some viewers, just isn't nice to look at. You could at least have some textures...

It really just looks like a poor Mega CD thing... I mean, 3D is all very good, but try to actually make it pleasing to the eye next time.

Or at least have some joke, twist or something.

Xerferic responds:

You think the music makes the filesize big? Adding textures to the objects just makes the file size stupid.

Well, Erm....Yes

Was that it?

I wouldn't bother wit this

A guy leaves his house and gets shot, cruddy animation and the only thing that gave it a score was the music in the background. poor poor poor poor poor

Xerferic responds:

Well what are ya gonna do.