Reviews for "3DA Assasination"

... it was good.. not great.. good

it was WAAY to short, and there was WAAAY to much black! if you added some green for the grass rather then black it would have been much less hidious.

Xerferic responds:

WHAT GRASS it was concrete.

The guy isn't dead, he took a pelvic wound! the worst off he could be is unable have children!

oh yea, and the sound was choppy

Xerferic responds:

Who said he was dead?

a little 3d..

and people freak out and give it good marks. making it 3d puts it on a different grading level, which i beleive you fell poorly on.

the sound needs work, and you could work on making it a bit more smooth.

Xerferic responds:

You know what I have been waiting for a responce like that.

3d.........something special?

maybe there should hav bin a reason y he was shot it was an assasin but there still should hav bin a reason y he was sent 2 kill him and who by
making it 3d does not make it special and the sound crackled most of the time

Xerferic responds:

It was just a random guy with a gun and he felt like killing someone. Based on a true story.

Well, Erm....Yes

Was that it?