Reviews for "3DA Assasination"

Nice 3D graphics, but..

.. the environment had no detail! Some detail on the house, and more textures could've been awesome. Also, you should create a 3D animation with a plot, characters, etc.

Xerferic responds:

Its not that easy

3d works!!!

Well as for my opinion... for now making 3d flash..isnt the best...becuz not every1 can make them very realistic..but this flsh is oka..yet aint the best....

and by the way..where did he shot at??? he's dick?? cuz i see a red hole in the dick.....thats y i put 2 for humor

Xerferic responds:

Ha ha

What was the point though?

It's fucked up when somebody does good in life then gets iced.

Xerferic responds:

Thats the point. Anything can happen.


That was cool!
I don't know how it is making 3D movies but I bet it's not easy...
Good work


that was pretty good, sept when he got killed there was a crack in his pants that you could see through, other than that it's pretty good