Reviews for "3DA Assasination"

... it was good.. not great.. good

it was WAAY to short, and there was WAAAY to much black! if you added some green for the grass rather then black it would have been much less hidious.

Xerferic responds:

WHAT GRASS it was concrete.

3d works!!!

Well as for my opinion... for now making 3d flash..isnt the best...becuz not every1 can make them very realistic..but this flsh is oka..yet aint the best....

and by the way..where did he shot at??? he's dick?? cuz i see a red hole in the dick.....thats y i put 2 for humor

Xerferic responds:

Ha ha

a little 3d..

and people freak out and give it good marks. making it 3d puts it on a different grading level, which i beleive you fell poorly on.

the sound needs work, and you could work on making it a bit more smooth.

Xerferic responds:

You know what I have been waiting for a responce like that.

Nothing too special

It's.. okay. I'm not sure if it was just me, but the sound effects crackled to hell. I had to turn the sound down. (Audigy 2 soundcard).

Really short though, and I have a feeling most of the filesize was from the soundtrack, and it could have been done with a much much smaller clip of audio.

The graphics did remind me of the old Dire Straits song, which isn't a bad thing.

Xerferic responds:

The sound was fine on my comp but when i submitted it the sound just fucked up.


Nice retro 3D animation, reminded me of wierd al yankovic's 3D video... It could have done without the music though, it didnt fit in my opinion.

Is this just a mini clip or a clip from a longer flash? It needs a storyline and a plot to make it more interesting.

Xerferic responds:

It's a clip from a 10 min flash which i can't upload to anywhere on a 56k.