Reviews for "{425} CraZe"

Respect y0

I like dis 1 its awesome keep up da good work Dawg

Michael425 responds:

thanks, i will keep working on my music skills .

thanks for the review.


Extremely strong melody! Not as catchy as it probably could be but has a good sound.

Michael425 responds:

I will for sure work on making round two more catchy.

thanks for the review.

sweat song

great song it almost seems like it has a story behind it

Michael425 responds:

""Sweat Song""????? is that a compliment??? haha just kidding.

yeah I try to pour a story into all of my songs while I make them. Makes them a lot more creative and non-repetitive.

Thanks for the review.


I was wondering, what programs do people use to make these audio's?

I know this is most likely a noob question, but I want to start learning how to make em.

Be nice. o_o

Michael425 responds:

don't worry. A year ago I was asking the same questions to everyone.

I use FL Studio 8. You can look it up on google and find a lot of info about it.

If you want help, just send me a PM.

Very Tight

I like the song and the classical sounding use of the Strong V chord. I wish you would have changed instruments around a bit more, add a little flare to the awesome progression that you have already established. But still 10/10 will have to do :P.

Michael425 responds:

I will take that into consideration as I produce CraZe Rd. 2

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.