Reviews for "{425} CraZe"


I would of thought like a song from 07 would have been on best tracks ever list but urs deserves 2 be on here DOMO ARIGATO for letting ppl listen 2 ur music

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man. I'm glad you think my song is good enough to be up at the top.

I'll always let people listen to my music.

Thanks for the review.

good song mmmmmmaaaaaannnnnn

n good flow but a littel faster wont hurt

Michael425 responds:

haha, some people thought it was too fast, so I tried to compromise.

thanks for your review.

this song is facking sick man ...

i downloaded it a wile back .. and it is STILL on the best ever list .... wow ...

Michael425 responds:

thanks man. I'm glad you like it.

i'll try and make more songs that are just as good.

thanks for downloading and leaving a review.


Awesome >=0

Michael425 responds:

LOL thank you good sir.

Good smooth energy flow

Put together well and good base

Michael425 responds:

Thanks, i'm glad you liked it.

thanks for lettin me know.