Reviews for "{425} CraZe"


So cool! It caught me right from the beginning and kept my head bobbing until the end! Sadly, I need to keep my headphones on (lest I wake my parents) so I can't experience the epic bass everyone's talking about, but incredible nonetheless!

Michael425 responds:

Make sure you listen to this with a good sound system sometime. It will enhance the experience.

thanks for the review. keep on listening.


Great song. I think you should be a profeshinal (pardon my spelling) music compuser for video games or something, cause THIS ROCKS! I like the bass kicking in around the minute mark.

Michael425 responds:

Hopefully I will get my big break sometime soon.

thanks for the review dude. keep on listenin'


It would cause an earthquake that would splode the earth in two. Nice going. Its awesome!

Michael425 responds:

I blew up my house in the process of making this song.

**Listeners be warned**

Pins and Needles, WTF?

See i usually rest my feet on my subwoofer just because the way my desk and speakers are situated, and i listened to this song. and my feet got pins and needles from the bass. fucking amazing. your song is so good i literally can't walk. you fucked my ears so senseless i can't feel my feet. i need a cigarette...


Download, Favorite.

P.S. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. ;-)

Michael425 responds:

It is some pretty epic bass.

Thanks for the review man.

take it easy.


I have this melody from January on my mp3 and I still think this is awesome trance. Kinda strange don t you think. Well I kinda thought you updated that melody when I saw craze 425 on top list. I guess I did not review before sorry.