Reviews for "Extreme Farm Sim"

the abduction of cows still plagues the world...

What would we do without cows... no more beef, no more cow milk, no more mooing animals, no more cud chewers... life is worthless without cows... this game shows the importants of the farm workers that go out every day and do the hard and dangerous work of alien spacecraft that attempt to steal our cows from us... ALIENS MUST NOT STEAL OUR CATTLE!!! DOWN WITH THE UFOs!!!
On a side note... meatballs


This has got to be the best game on Newgrounds i've played so far! Its just being on a REAL farm! The music is so awesome it got stuck in my head!


medum1 is obviously a crack whore. This game was not stolen. If he had seen this somewhere else, THEY probably stole it! Anways..

I have always enjoyed this game! I mean, shooting those black robots, firing that chicken gun... OOPS, I mean... uh... yes, this was fun! :D

that was very kewl!

I don't know why... But I loved <3 the graphics! They were just so cool! I thought that your submission was really funny cuz the cows were getting beamed up! I thought that was hilarious! The sound was generaly pretty cool... But can you diversify in your other games? It got a little repetitive...repetitive...repetitive... lol. I like how you can shoot at the aliens. But there was one minor problem... after you shoot, you have to wait like 5 seconds to just get another shot. It got a little annoying, but I managed to get through it. Cool game, good graphics, humor was awesome. That leaves the interactivity and style factor. Hmmm.... The interactivity was good. The style was pretty cool even though I've seen some other games that were like this. AWESOME JOB! you should make the EXTREME FARM SIM 2! It was that good!!!!

Keep up the awesome work!
ng-luva ^_^ I had so much fun!

I feel like I've played this before

But it's still great. It might be repetitive but it's still a good idea.
Maybe you should expand on it. Like items you can make from the salvage of the ships. Like gun add ons or cow armour, or cow decoys or even simply more cows. What ever. Great game, cheers.

-Snake of Death