Reviews for "Extreme Farm Sim"


This is about as fun as alien hominid to me...even looks like it...I hate that game and despise that alien...as for this game though....after you shoot you need to jump before you can start moving again..


wow i'm so glad this is finally out! and you guys won some awards too =) ... yes becca wouldn't stop talking about that background.. haha.

well, great job! i played the game till my fingers fell off then i decided to reglue them so i could type this review. :\


It was innovative, fun and the music was good too. The only bad part is that the gun fires so slowly! By level 7, I was screwed 'cause I couldn't shoot the bombs before they hit me!


Ummmm.......(please fill in the blank________) that game is okay. ummm..okay could have been better tho.....


not bad

i was bored at 9000...not being able to move and shoot at the same time was a downer. the music started to bug me too. other than that, good job.