Reviews for "O&A: 100 Grand Remix"


Oh god that was cherry on top for my day nice job wit the flash movie! ( lol 100 gran )

to the last reviewer -Ikka-

O&A = Ophie and Anthony


S..t that guy was pissed. I can't believe that they would trick that guy. That was funny as hell. WOW!!!

Hah hah pwnd

I wouldn't be that hyped about not winning money, just a candy bar, in fact I'd want to win that thing, especially if it was twix...mmmm twix.

Fucking amazing

I know a lot of the laughs I got from this came from O&A's show that you had nothing to do with, but the animation that went along with this was so damn good looking and only seemed to add to the hilarity. This one had me rolling on the floor the first time that I saw it and it really got me interested in listening to more of their show.

So, as a flash cartoon and an advertisement for this show, this was a homerun in my book. It's nice to see that even your early submissions to the portal are classy, Johnny. That's good shit.