Reviews for "O&A: 100 Grand Remix"

Professionally done!

That was hilarious! A candy bar! It didn't look that good either.

I miss that show

What's so controversial about people having sex in a church anyway? Doesn't seem like grounds to fire them


I would be laughing so much if I had heard that on the radio


That sucks, the dude thinks he won $100,000....BUT.....It's just a candy bar. The 100 Grand Candy Bar. I'd say that's the biggest rip off in HISTORY!!!!Halarious....lol....Like I said....that sucks!!

One of the funniest bits ever.

That is so fucking funny. That dipshit should should of been able to figure out that it was a bunch of crapt. Why would they ever give that kind of cash to someone. It is a great bit and you did a great job on the animation.