Reviews for "O&A: 100 Grand Remix"

Too similar to Camp Chaos

no offense but, your style is a bit too similar to Camp Chaos'

do you work for Camp Chaos?

awesome, simply awesome

Great grafix, nailed the image of O&A and Norton. Norton splooging was a little off as far as timeline goes but it was still funny.

Poor guy...

Funny, very funny, do these guys have an online stream for other that live outside the US? Could you please message me URL?

This was kind of weak

I would much have prefered to hear this than to see this. The third guy in the act (you know who I am refering to) was superfluous.

This was a clever idea.
"I had been listening to the radio for three hours!"

It was a good joke but the art was as freaky as can get and the visual idea behind a radio show is a bad one. I did not even watch the Howard Stern show when it hit television.

Try harder next time!


JohnnyUtah responds:

I certainly will Davril! Since you know exactly what you're talking about!


Maybe it would've been funnier if I'd heard of Opie & Anthony before. Graphics were outstanding, but it wasn't really all that funny.