Reviews for "Whack Your Boss"


a great way to get my anger out


Wow, i loved the bosses voice, it reminds me of my boss..... (twitch_


this is halarious,not to mention it relieves your anger,but yea it is halarious. Dude you made an awesome game i'm just suprised that someone made a game where you get to whack your boss on the internet. great work too keep it up and I might add you to my list of favorite artists.

twas ok

twas ok but not greate. put more effort in to it then just put butuns every were


This was sweet!And,you,woman!It's a damn free country and Why,praytel,WHY are you complaining about THIS, when shit like orgasm girl and hentai high are coming through?!Go get a life!Trying to stop Wade & Tom from letting something on their site is like trying to stop a freight train going 90 mph with your finger!I also agree that doing crap like this and having a baby at 13 is smooooooooooth!!!!Smooth as sandpaper!!!