Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"


Hey that's not bad, very nice animation and the plot was fun. The characters do kind of look like Knox but eh it's all good. By the way I love the lego building :P man that stuff is fun!

Quite good.

Great claymation.

Horrible, horrible script and really bad voice acting.

But the claymation was superb.

Verry good

Nice work neonfox, i think this your best work yet...keep on making those movies!

neonfox3 responds:

Thank you my Love im glad you liked it and yeah ill keep making the movies


i like how this clay animation is very well animated and doesn't lag my computer like other ones do. nice choice of music, sound fx is really good too. hahah "it's time to die now, you need to get killed" that was funny. Really nice movie, i liked watching that army of clay figures go in and fight, next time you do a clay animation perhaps have some blood? like some red clay for blood, that would be awesome. voice acting is really good. great work.

Always gotta love claymation

Simply amazing, great movement and everything. Little low on the quality though. Wish i could tell ya how to fix it :/