Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"

im sorry I cunt hear you I have an ear in fucktion

ok so I don't get sound right now but that was funny any ways


It was really great, I think it was better than any of Knox's claymations, even tho I like Knox style very much.
This one got my 5, it's reeeeaaaaaaalyyy cool.
Great work dude!

hmm HERE I AM!

people dont seem to get why my movies are popular..its not the animation,its the story :)

this movie had great animation..but the story lacked :/

neonfox3 responds:

*Tuesday, January 24, 2006, 10:43 PM*
wow... a six...
I think your dumb old 2003 movies were the funniest. You had a really dull boring voice that i thought was hilarious.
I lost alittle respect for you when you started making movies that simply start with things
like "heeeeyyyyyyy" ..kinda irritated me. I still respect that you have so many fans, but you need to improve on more then just your budget, such as your animation.

As far as I go,
I've improved alot in my Flash and Clay skills (such as my latest and greatest submission "Halloween Pranks") ..i just need a better mic.

If you have time on your hands you should check it out.
If not,
it makes no difference to me.


I usually don't enjoy clay movies unless they are so funny to the point where I'm pissing in my pants. However, I really enjoyed this one, especially the opening fighting scene. I have never seen action that fast with clay. Good work.

Helluva try!!!

I liked it!