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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

could have been longer

Realy good game but ti dosent last long enough

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks for the review.

Best flash rpg ever

Great game! It's hard but cool lol. The wtf slots and omfg pong were awesome rofl. And the dialogue between your character and the other people was awesome too, lol. Needs some more minigames though, or at least the chance to maybe play the same minigame twice. Oh, and I liked the music, like the ffVI tune when you won a battle and the music in the ak47 minigame. Did you get that from a game? And if so, which one? I think I heard it somewhere. Oh, and I loved it when "a large, scary person caught you and beat your face in". XD That was the best line. 5/5 for this! Can't wait for the sequel. :)

DAIRYDOG responds:

The music when you're shooting is from Quake II.

Thanks for the review. XD

Best game on Newgrounds!

I loved this game, awsome style!, but i wish you could fight the guy who made shit pong XD
To the reveiwer before me, on the 19th die you homicidal student gets angry at the world and you go on a wild shooting spree! he pays you 2 yen for each person you kill, great for money making!

The only troubling aspect is the money, 1 yen is about one cent, so he gets payed like a nickel a day!

DAIRYDOG responds:

The economy is terrible these days, isn't it?


wen she said the dude was gona kill me i stocked up on fish instead of goin on feild trip to fill up the motivation!!!!!!! i got a B!!!!

i thought u had to have a final fight with the dude where he had like 150-200 hp!

DAIRYDOG responds:

yeah it wasn't really a huge thing, but better safe than sorry when dying means starting all the way back at the fuckin beginning, right?


good game i got a B