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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"


nice game i got a B and i loved beating my class up good game whats the passcode ?
(dont say passcode just asking real peolple who play the game)

DAIRYDOG responds:

the passcode is scatman wtf


This game is really nice though! but lacks on nice detailing part! But for me that was great animation game

DAIRYDOG responds:

ffffffff ok


i liked the games overall concept, teach a class full of retards and make them into geniuses lol great teacher onizuka that's his job to do that. overall i like the randomness such as the pong machine being broken, and the random fights with vice principle Uchiyamada, but like the renneskid pointed out the fighting is kinda like a rip off of pokemon but hey its still an awesome game, lol you should like make another game like this lol but much longer and more random.

DAIRYDOG responds:



When i first started playing this game, i wanted to quit because i could really be bothered clicking past the text conversations. However, it was pretty funny at times like when you tell one of your students to rape somebody. the pure randomness is quite cool like the going to store thing and arcade games, which make fore pretty good reply value. The battles kinda bring it down, its like a rip off Pokemon i still laughed though xD. Animations are basic, but nice art designs. would have been excellent if it had speech instead of text, however comments are hilarious.

I give it 7. :P

Improvements - try making presentation better, involve more sound and improve introduction. Good game overall :)


DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks. :)

This game is 4 years old!!!


wen she said the dude was gona kill me i stocked up on fish instead of goin on feild trip to fill up the motivation!!!!!!! i got a B!!!!

i thought u had to have a final fight with the dude where he had like 150-200 hp!

DAIRYDOG responds:

yeah it wasn't really a huge thing, but better safe than sorry when dying means starting all the way back at the fuckin beginning, right?