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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

Ha, fun game.

It's strange, though, the vice principal looks exactly the same as the twitchy, fat man who is vice principal in my old school. And also, the old lady principal reminds me so much of my own.

DAIRYDOG responds:

Haha, thanks for the review.


I'll give you a 4/5, just because GTO is the greatest anime/manga EVER.

The system worked, I liked the combat sequence, and the art was excellent (though mostlikely traced).

Otherwise, it lacked action, storyline, the ending was mediocre at best and it really didn't give many people an eye into GTO.

And please don't call this a dating sim.

It's not.

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks for the review. Onizuka pwns j00.

Not Bad,Kinda Nice........

Lol,I Dont think U need to put the passcode there,i mean it's easy to get A,35 days is more than enough,i raise all my stats to 24,lol and got an 'A'.It Only Keep Me To Play It Once as there is no other storyline.Anyway,if you are making the 3rd one add some cool scene and Making Babies is lame without action.-_-XD

DAIRYDOG responds:

Some people really suck at the game and end up with a B, so I put in the passcode option so that people who failed could see the ending without playing through again. Anyways, thanks for the review.

I liked it

The only problem I had with this game was that I did better in SE than in the original, and I got a B, whereas before I got an A. I had everything over as high as it should be, and I still get a B? Other than that, I really like it! But if you're gonna call it a Sim Date game, shouldn't there be some kind of date simulating? Anyways, keep up the good work!

DAIRYDOG responds:

Well, motivation counts as one of the class' stats, so that would explain the B you got. I put Sim Date in the title for a few hours but changed it back, forgetting to change the description, because I wasn't getting very many views, and I wanted to get the users' attention. But anyways, thanks for the review.

just a few words

i just wanted to say i really loved ur game im a big fan of anime and gto the final fantasy win music is awesome i love the animations and the great sound quality i would like to see more games in the arcade,more encounters with people, not to much dating but some preferably with fuyutsuki the school nurse and marais mom add murai and his crew add an exp bar from battles and let player fight math teacher gym teacher principle other people in biker gang and the people who kidnapped that annoying girl who liked her feet licked and more attacks that use up stamina otherwise known as mp or whatever when you sleep let it heal some of your stamina make fights harder let max hp get bigger when level add a few more areas to visit and make the game longer instead of 35 like 60 or 70 then you can throw in the trip to okinawa and last but not least keep up the good work this was a great fucken game just a little to easy i beat it 1st try and got a kind of figured they needed motvation on test besides the knowledge ty for reading this long review and i wish you luck in future if you want some testers for the next version let me know!

DAIRYDOG responds:

Well, first of all, periods would have been nice in your review, but I'll manage without them. Thanks for your suggestions and for the kind review.