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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

I remember....

The score being way higher -.- bs, who blammed this wonderfull piece of chocobo?

DAIRYDOG responds:

I remember too. People are being mean to me and it makes me sad. :'(

Yay, Onizuka.

I love GTO. This was alot of fun. :)

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks :D


that was too easy. It was pointless really. U should make it so u can score wit dat teacher at the end ur sumthin, it would make it better and have more options in it. Keep up the good work :)

DAIRYDOG responds:

I don't roll like that in my games.


it was a weird game but i liked it :) keep up the good work

DAIRYDOG responds:


Good game

I didn't win but after all it was a really good game keep up the good work!

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thank you.