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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

Great Game

You did really well man, I've play it 4 times in a row :). I'm also a fan of the manga witch is awsome btw. Make a another one..

DAIRYDOG responds:

:) OK


the story lines could have been better. and the ending wasnt tru to the anime. and why did u kill them all off by cancer????????? and besides onizuka never gets with fuyutsuki. and why did u say urumi ends up working for low wadgeswhen she has an iq of over 200. sorry but your thinking is flawed. but if i had no clue about the anime i would have said jg

DAIRYDOG responds:

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I know. Fuck you. It's a funny ending. Jesus.


Haha..funny game man,especially the part with that pong game =D
that was the best part...but overall the graphics were good and it was fun...but only for a while.After a bit of playing it got kinda old.
Try and come up with more of a storyline.
But otherwise it was a very nice game, 4/5

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks, Megaperson.

I loved it!

that game is ausome! GTO rules!

id like to see you do agema for inu yasha or golden boy. please if you see this, my aim is jiggerjank. talk to me!ill pay you for flash!

DAIRYDOG responds:

Lol k, we'll see, I'll im you later.

Good Stuff

Those not in favor of this game, should get beaten up by their teachers and sue them, not blam this.

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thumbs up.