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i don't like it, it's so stupid, it isn't have any sence, and the graphics are horribles, i put it a 1

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"daily" toon?! i understand why this is so crappy now.

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we spent 1984634986529348692346582734582764 years on this sir

Once gain Pathetic

I look at almost all of these just to see how much they suck.
and actually they are getting a tiny microscopic bit better.

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Crap like the others

You should really stop getting your friends or whatever to vote for you. Your flashes shouldn't be able to pass judgement. Anyways, maybe if you take some suggestions into consideration your flashes will get better.
1. Try spending more time on flashes instead of just a couple hour/ one day project. I suggest at least a week.
2. A story is definitely needed. Some sort of plot or joke instead of random mindless things.
3. Aerdail has potential, a plot is needed though.
4.2RS needs a lot of help, Story, longer, good animation, better ideas, and better artwork. Overall, everything needs work.
5.Night Raider could use improved artwork, stay away from stick figures. Aim for better jokes (if you even call what you made a joke).
6.Onestar should try animating the person smoothly using flash instead of importing images. Again aim for a story or joke.

The point of this lengthy review is so that I and others on Newgrounds don't have to see this crap. Make better flashes. I expect some major improvements on your next flash.

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to quote you and myself...

you: Author's response:
None of these are resubmits, dumbass

Nor are any of them good...just keep wasting your time.