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Reviews for "Edd vs Tom (2004)"

You waste your time.

Hey Edd, Its Ell. I'm just reiviewing to say your wasting your time making movies like this, go make something with more action and violence and dont use stickmen or yourself in it. Then you'll have REAL movie :P

eddsworld responds:

Ell, Your Just Jealous Because i Fired you and Hired Tom, Im Glad i hired Tom and fired you, because, Tom is twice the animator you'll ever be.

it was ok, but...

i liked his newer stuff more... :3

Eh? What Did I Just Watch?

This was a little bad. Sorry. Here's my review

Graphics: Left a lot to be desired 2/5
Violence: Mmmmmm.......... 2/5
Sexual Content: No ( . Y . )
Humor: I didn't laugh. Was I supposed to laugh? I don't know. Leave Me Alone!!! :sob: 1/5

Overall: Try again. Update it a little......2/5

it was okay but needs work

i liked the basic concept i didnt care for the stick figures, not very funny, and low violence i mean when you cut a guys arm off at least add some blood for effect.

oh ya yippie ki fuck this!