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Reviews for "Edd vs Tom (2004)"

I love it!

I love the song, they are my favorite band (YES I ADDMITTED IT!) And that was funny but I cant critisize eddsworld, because 1) its impossible 2) my spelling is bad 3) i'll be talking about something totally differentif i did


i love your work, I'll even not be offended by choice of song because your british (it's a popular song here too, guess that proves the song about some)


my fave part is the lower quality! heh heh, sock puppets. keep doin stuff like this, its hilarious!!:)

Yippie kay yay muvva.....bugger? hehehehe lol.

Lol...I decided...the one at the beginning with the drum sticks...that was me...Im a drummer...Bet you didnt know that...Im special :)

Lol well enough about that....ahem...retardedness... Loved the flash, lol since seeing the Lock Day thing I just kept on going through your stuff and its all so.....good!!

another great movie

you are my favorite artist,you put alot of humor in your movies, both of you are great team.you should make a group x music video though.