Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

lol It Shuld Be A Real Movie

xD nobody welds a coke can to MY radiator and gets away with it... SONIC BOOM


9 out of 10 muffs and 5 of five big burnt-faced cocks!

Pretty inspiring...

I don't understand, this is a trailer for Burnt Face Man that wasn' ever made... did that mean you're gonna make this episode, but people cept on herassing you or is this just something you made quick to keep the fans outta your Email inbox? I didn't really agree though, I have seen some trailers and to tell you the truth, this was pretty good. It may also be inspiring to other flash artist that never made one flash because they don't know what to make their movies about. Another thing I didn't really understand was that this was a whole lot better than the first Burnt Face Man... strangely.
Really nice work!

Creepiest thing ever!

Wow! U have really outdone yourself this time. I couldn't even finish the video... I'm scared...

One of the best series on newgrounds

Burnt face man is realy one hell of a series.Every episode is great.Keep up the good work.