Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

So funny...

That was so funny! Especially the R. Kelly bit! It's better than the first one, i like this random stuff u come up with, good work david.

Brilliance as usual

I'm already a huge fan of your unique (and sometimes creepy) animations and shorts. I do beleive you in that you don't want to really make a movie, so I won't be some crazed fan begging you to do it. This alone shows off you skill in art, creativity and originality with FLASH. I look forward to any future animations you have in the works. Amazing job, keep up the great work.

take tht u shit

ha! i loved the first 1....i jst loved tht line "take tht u shit"...an wen he threw the can at wielding man.....pure genious....i like this different aproach frm salad fingers....keep it up...shows u got a gr8 humour........o an i loved scribbler. nice 1 m8 gd job


As much as I love your work, could you please not make anymore of those. I love your darker pieces, but BFM would suck so bad. Just one vote against you ever making anymore of those though I think you didn't want to anyway. I'll go back to watching for more STB shorts :D

heh heh

it was was good but u cant weld aluminum cans because aluminum it not a welable metal im not sure about the pot and scissors tho