Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

you tipped the scales with this one

yall gotta give it up for this you know why.... because it is ORIGINAL. Ok not to be down on the whole newgrounds system but I've seen some shit that is lame and borring and has a stupid concept to it and in my minds eye it don't impress me but it makes a good rank on newgrounds BUT this IS original and somthing like this should be concidered... end of story.


MAKE THE MOVIE!!!! CMON!!! PLEASE!!!! please do it! it would be so awesome and itd be ont he top 50 and the front page and win all the fancy awards and everyone would love and i would laugh *breathes in*

cant wait for salad fingers ep. 5!

Just a trailer? You joke right? :o

Haha this has to easily be one of the most funny and original cartoons out there in the whole of cartoon history, let alone the whole of NG!
I mean wow I really can't tell the difference between this and a proper professional cartoon it's so good! =D
I love your style of the burnt face man, isn't it funny how we always find the characters who have had an accident or have some sort of disability the best? Strange. The whole 'One day Stanley had his face burnt off in a terrible accident was kind of predictable', but that is why it was so good.
Sounds were excellent just like in a proper cartoon and the whole thing moved so fluently! The content was hilarious and the fact the graphics were good apart from the photographed head of the victim emphasized this.
I can see a lot of effort has been put into this and I really do wish you would make this into a series, well done :)

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That Was Great

Everything about that flash was funny. The dialogue, the actions, everything. Very well done!


Please tell me ur making more salad fingers