Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"


Burnt Face Man.. The Superhero of Tommorrow! He's got it all and a bag of week-old potato chips.. If you know what I mean.. If you don't.. Don't ask me..

Any ways.. Burnt Face man is the HAHA and I think everyone would enjoy this form of comedy. [Even those of you who couldn't handle, or didn't like Salad Fingers, yo-]

Du musst viel mehr Saufen!!


Very funny.. and the guitar rocks.. YOU ROCK!

Great as ever.

Well done, like always. Made me rofl twice.

Grahpics: I can clearly see his burnt face.
Style: An evil toilet. 10.
Sound: Nice job with the guitar.
Violence: Sonic Boom! 'Nuff said.
Interactivity: It has a play and replay button.
Humor: This is Burnt Face Man for crying out loud. 10.
Overall: I should've gave you a 10.

Not now suggestion boy, this is my moment

The funniest flash on newgrounds! I love the bit when James Van Der Beek goes 'ur, I i'm not gay' very funny (Why isn't that on the soundboard?)

Graphics: Flows brilliantly. The guitar part is animated really well.

Style: Its so cool!

Sound: I don't know how to put "The sound is class" in a different way.

Violence: There is shite thrown and coke cans to the head!

Interactivity: The zoom in bits are good if you know where to look.

Humor: IT IS F**KING FUNNY!!!!!

Burnt face man the movie.

Shame it won't come should have.
But anywhays its great, Love Burnt face man on the guitar, but damn that Sugestion boy hese really annyoing.
But overal amazing trailer, I have watch (nearly) all you're flashes and have seen anything terrible, I hope it will stay that way.

I give it 10 mufs (I hope it is spelt right) out of 10