Reviews for "TSAH"

I think i pied my pants... HA HA HA

I pitty the foo hwo didnt laugh a singel time when seeing this movie!


good god this so fucking funny i have this parody on my favorite list on my pc and hell yes im a big halo fan but still the whole mouse thing was funny oh and vader god i could of never of come up with this kind of matierial lol
i cant wait til the sequel when the sequel comes its gonna be like christmas to me

this kicked covenent arse

This was an amazing if not the most amazing spoof on halo ever the graphics were great and it has awsome jokes i recomend everyone watch this

my....god...that ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO ROLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best flash ever made was this omg THAT KICKED A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make MORE =) and exalint work

That was...AMAZING!

Oh man, that was so funny. The best one was the Belly of the Beast. Anyway, great job! I love colaborations, and this is the best one I've seen.